Illustrations can be a time-consuming event and effort but are required for many sales. More importantly, when your client’s cases have gone through a complete analysis and Case Design and when you’ve been provided an illustration that can show your client the very best solution you can provide them, you will be able to provide your clients with better solutions and very likely convert more business through the process.

Ensuring all of this work is done correctly is where Bedrock Financial Services comes in. Bedrock and our team of experienced product specialists will help you with this research – helping you analyze the options that will offer your client the best possible solution.

Let Bedrock compare the options available to you and handle the time-consuming tasks of:

  • Individual product presentations
  • Product comparisons
  • Rider comparisons
  • Scheduled Income Payout System
  • (SIPS) illustrations
  • Roth conversion illustrations
  • Stretch IRA illustrations