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At Bedrock, we are email marketing specialists who will help you set up, format and schedule promotional emails.

Most businesses use some form of email marketing. Whether it is a weekly newsletter or a monthly sales promotion, emails are a great way to reach an audience who wants to hear from you. After all, they all opted into your emails, right?

Open rates for drip campaigns are about 80% higher than single send emails.

Let’s say a visitor to your website fills out your contact form. Once they click on submit, they receive a personalized automated email. But you don’t want the relationship with them to end there. After introducing yourself or your business, you want to send another email related to the same topic they are interested in, invite them to sign up for your business.

That’s what we call an email drip campaign – a triggered sequence of automated emails we send on a predefined schedule to targeted subscribers. And even though these are automated emails, they are personalized with your name, company info,and more.

Bedrock can create these drip campaigns for you, effortlessly and seamlessly. We send the email, populating it with your custom branded content to ensure that your prospects and clients see you as the THE professional they need to be working with.

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Bedrock is
CAN-SPAM compliant

In 2003, the CAN-SPAM Act was set up to protect consumers from unsolicited emails, bulk spam emails or commercial emails from brands and businesses. It contains several requirements that email marketers must adhere to.

At Bedrock, we strictly adhere to these requirements and follow the checklist ourselves. By adhering to its policies, you can create a transparent and honest relationship between your brand and the customers on your email list.


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