Our partner agents generate qualified leads and enhance their credibility through quality content.

Bedrock offers significant discounts through Financial Media & Marketing LLC’s online credibility building system “CredKeeper” Our partner agents and advisors are offered industry-leading marketing and lead generation tools at discounts and at certain production levels these offerings can be free.


People don’t buy Product – they buy people – and your prospect wants to know whether or not you are the trusted and credible professional they need. What better way to show them?

CredKeeper is a proprietary software application that influences Google’s search results and helps financial professionals rank more favorably in Search Result. We believe so heavily in the power of someone’s online credibility that qualifying agents can receive a subscription to this software for free.


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Nothing adds to your perceived authority like having your name on respected articles and publications.

Imagine if this was your next email:

“Looking forward to meeting with you next week. But between now and then I’d like you to go online and to simply Google my name… What you’ll find there are articles I’ve written or been quoted in, along with interviews I’ve been a part of.”

Or compare this voicemail against what you currently use:

“Hi , you had requested some information on I’m following up on your request. , please write this next part down as you will want to go online and perform a Google Search once this voicemail is over. My Name is and what I’d like you to write down is this – The spelling of my name – ABCD EFGHIJK – I’ll be following up later this week in an effort to keep in touch with you but please go to Google right away and simply Google my name, what you will there are articles that I have written or where I have quoted in on which you had requested information on. I’ll call you later this week, but after you’ve had a chance to read those articles if you would like to call me back first, you can call me at 8007794182. I’ll look forward to speaking with you soon.